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We can fix any electronic device within days

We hire technicians and professionals for different devices so we can fix each one.

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  • PC and Mac computers
  • Hardware issues
  • Matchboard damages
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  • Water damage repair
  • Hardware and software replacement
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The simplest answer is yes, we can assist you as much as possible. We have a professional team working around the clock just for you.

Diagnosing the malfunction

Every task starts with us finding the source of your problem. After that, we can address its property.

Multiple devices supported

We can assist you in repairing various devices form different brands.

Hardware repairs

All hardware malfunctions will be repaired almost instantly.

Software repairs

We can install new and replace the old software on your device.

Recent Blog Posts

The History Of Retro Games

Whether you like retro games, or not, is a matter of taste. The 16-bit era was more impactful than the next two console generations, so whether you prefer older games is a matter of preference. At the same time, the “”retro”” line does not start with the blocky 3D graphics of the PlayStation 1.

Game consoles

The history of retro games dates back to the 80s, when the first video game, Pac-Man, was released. Today, video games are one of the biggest industries in the world, billing as much as movies and music combined. But while new video games can boast ultra-high resolution and synchronization with social media accounts, old games remain a huge source of enjoyment. Sadly, many of the websites hosting old game code have been shut down, which will leave many fans without a way to play their favorite retro games.

The Atari 2600 home console sold over 30 million units. It introduced a wide variety of games and offered a limitless number of levels. These games featured simple graphics and narratives. They also had points systems and a continuous ranking system. Players competed for the highest scores and eventually found fame on this ranking system.

Old-school games

Retro games are video games from a bygone era. These games were first released before the advent of modern consoles and are often considered classics. These games are considered retro because they represent the best games of previous generations. The most popular retro games were made in the 1980s and 1990s and are often a reflection of the decade in which they were released. Despite their age, many of these games still remain popular today and are still being created.

Besides the classics, the history of retro games encompasses a broader range of titles. Some are more mainstream than others. For instance, Super NES Works Vol. 1 from 1991 features 31 classic SNES games, along with a timeline of their release. The book also contains sidebar comparisons and a detailed explanation of Mode 7, a hardware feature that allowed the Super NES to produce games with higher resolutions. The book also features a screenshot gallery and hi-res photographs of original box art.


The subculture of retro games has become popular with the rise of cloning. In the 1990s, ZX Spectrum clones became popular, and the simplicity of the construction made them a popular choice among the retro community. Although the chips are no longer manufactured, cloning is still a popular practice.

This subculture is an extension of the broader behavior change trend that has swept the US. It has expanded the mindset of many Americans and shaped their understanding of social issues. It also has spawned its own subculture. The subculture is a part of American culture and has become a major source of entertainment for many. The rise of video games in the United States has also fueled this growth. While the subculture may have started as a trend, it has grown into a mainstream industry.

Online communities

Various types of online communities exist for playing retro games, including those that focus on personal game-play experiences. These communities can be categorized into several categories, including video games for older consoles, personal computer games, and arcade games. Many of these communities are also focused on the games’ music.

While there are no hard-and-fast rules for how to create a community, there are a few things you can do to make it a good place for players. For one thing, looking at other communities is a good way to learn about what works well and what doesn’t. For example, in some communities, it’s important to recognize how people behave and how they interact.

In the 1980s, arcade and home gaming were in full swing. In the early 1980s, computer and hobbyist magazines were released, creating a sense of community and engaging gamers.

Pokemon Go

Since the viral influx of Pokemon GO, people have become more accustomed to interacting with each other, both physically and emotionally. However, the widespread popularity of this new game has also contributed to increased stress and anxiety. In fact, researchers have found a connection between Pokémon GO and the rise of social isolation, anxiety, and stress. According to Boym, nostalgia serves as a defensive mechanism, and people value the value of nostalgia during times of global disruption.

Pokemon GO has become one of the fastest growing games ever, and it has leveraged social media and smartphone-based distribution to grow so quickly. Within its first month, the game was downloaded more than 130 million times, breaking the previous record for fastest download. Moreover, the popularity of the game has also opened up a whole new marketing channel for companies. For example, local businesses spent millions of dollars purchasing lures and other materials to attract the Pokemon that could be caught by users in real-life locations. In addition, guided tours have been developed to hunt rare Pokemon.

Why Doing Business with ELiquid Depot Makes Sense?

If you are considering Vape Juice business or thinking of stepping up your involvement in this booming market, you may not know who can offer you everything that you need. Your search for a reliable partner who is able to meet your requirements, and more is likely to lead you to consider ELiquid Depot.

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ELiquid Depot holds more than 100 flavors and introduce new flavor every month. Every flavor comes in 3mg and 6mg strength and some are nicotine free at 0mg as well. Stocking such recognized brand, in the flavors and strengths required by your customer can lead to regular repeat sales of e-liquid. ELiquid Depot also specialize in other vaping products like disposable vapes, pod juice, pods, tanks, coils, pod mod kit etc. Associated sales of vaping hardware will result from regular customers returning to your outlet. The extra footfall created also increases the opportunity for further sales of unassociated goods and/or services.

When you sell pod mod kit to customer, you convert a customer from a one-off sale into a regular purchaser if you keep your customer satisfied. When you sell the device once, he becomes regular client for consumables specially vape juice. One of the potential problems of e liquid sales is the requirement to stock a range of flavors, each in different strengths. If your wholesale e liquid supplier is not able to offer a reliable, quick service and order turnaround you could be faced with either disappointing and losing a regular customer because of stock shortage or having to tie-up capital unnecessarily in e liquid overstock.

ELiquid Depot comes as a rescue for its proven and reliable service since decades. You can offer limitless flavor to client ranging from Fruity gummy candy, Strawberry shortcake ice cream, Minty Menthol Chill, Creamy dark roast cafe latte to Classic American Tobacco, Vanilla almond milkshake, Caramel dipped apple & pear, Creamy stuffed cannoli, Blue moon ice cream and Sweet lemon meringue pie.

ELiquid Depot have a high quality, dependable product that you can sell on at a reasonable margin while still offering good value to your customers. ELiquid Depot not only give you great profit but also offer great service. You will have a close relationship with a dedicated account manager who can guide you to ever greater turnover. With higher turnover you deserve to be rewarded for your success with volume order discounts.

ELiquid Depot is a well established and respected vaping product supplier offering extremely competitive pricing tiers, quick delivery, knowledgeable and friendly sales and support, warranty on all products with full product liability insurance and well recognized brands.


What we charge

We are trying to be as affordable as possible and to help those who need their device back as soon as possible. There are a few main categories of our services and each one is explained below.



Basic diagnosing the malfunction and repair if possible.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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More advanced repairs for more advanced devices.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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All the commonly used repairs and all the ones that can help you get back on track within days.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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Complete set of our skills and services available to you on the same day.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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