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Call us and schedule

You can call us for free and ask for any type of service or any questions regarding electronics.

Step 2

Send the device

We offer door to door service to all our clients.

Step 3

We will diagnose and fix

Our team of professionals will diagnose the malfunction and fix the issue within hours.

Step 4

You get ready to use the device

The device will be delivered to you with the description of the processes completed and warranty.

About Us

We can fix any electronic device within days

We hire technicians and professionals for different devices so we can fix each one.

Devices we can ix on the same day
  • PC and Mac computers
  • Hardware issues
  • Matchboard damages
Additional services we offer
  • Water damage repair
  • Hardware and software replacement
Our Services

Why you should choose us?

Can we assist you with your
electronic device?

The simplest answer is yes, we can assist you as much as possible. We have a professional team working around the clock just for you.

Diagnosing the malfunction

Every task starts with us finding the source of your problem. After that, we can address its property.

Multiple devices supported

We can assist you in repairing various devices form different brands.

Hardware repairs

All hardware malfunctions will be repaired almost instantly.

Software repairs

We can install new and replace the old software on your device.

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What we charge

We are trying to be as affordable as possible and to help those who need their device back as soon as possible. There are a few main categories of our services and each one is explained below.



Basic diagnosing the malfunction and repair if possible.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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More advanced repairs for more advanced devices.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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All the commonly used repairs and all the ones that can help you get back on track within days.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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Complete set of our skills and services available to you on the same day.

Diagnosing the issue

Basic repairs

Support always available

Receiving and sending back the device

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